We Made History!


dsc02954This is what YOUR Symphony has been doing!

With our Tennessee and Virginia Concerts as well as our North Carolina Concerts in the books and a Switzerland Tour that begins today, we realized that your Symphony has just created a pioneering moment in both Bluegrass and Tennessee orchestral history! Let’s look at the highlights:


  • Carolina In The Fall Festival
    • citf-soundcheck1Symphony of the Mountains was the first orchestra to play at the Carolina In The Fall Festival in Wilkesboro, NC. Here’s what a patron had to say about the event on our Facebook page: “Spirit of the Rockies, performed with the Kruger Brothers Saturday Evening at the Carolina in the Fall Festival, was an unforgettable and cherished gift to everyone fortunate enough to be in the audience. Thank you, Symphony, for making it so: I could hear each of you at one time or another, and am grateful for you all. Thank you strings, and flute, and tympani; thank you horns (especially the french horns), and most especially, thank you Maestro Orth. If I have omitted anyone, I can only plead that the sound was too rich for deconstruction, and the stage too far away to see everyone. But I listened, and what I heard will be a part of me forever.” 
  • International Bluegrass Music Association Wide Open Bluegrass Festival
    • 14446193_1388232597873083_7760642229785096057_nSymphony of the Mountains was the first orchestra to play at the IBMA Festival’s 31-year history. Here’s what a festival-goer had to say about it: “It’s funny, ironic, and all together fitting that the banjo would require the fused efforts of two first generations immigrants to North America’s shores, to find its complete voice. Jens Kruger, through his masterpiece “The Spirit of the Rockies,” in conjunction with Cornelia Laemmli Orth and the Symphony of the Mountains, have nailed down the final planks on the bridge between the ancient European Musical expressions of the Symphony and the All-American Bluegrass Banjo. “Spirit of the Rockies” is the perfectly seamless fusion of the “Old World” with the “New World” and thus the banjo has finally found its home in America.”
  • Switzerland Tour
    • This is a two-fold uniqueness. In all of our research, we have found no other Tennessee-based orchestra AND no other orchestra of similar size to Symphony of the Mountains who have been invited to perform overseas.

So the next time someone asks you “What’s been going on in the region?” you can add this to the list of bragging rights!