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Annual Support

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Dear Friends


You need only turn on the nightly news or open a newspaper to find division. Political division, racial division, economic division…the list goes on. Former President George W. Bush recently said “At times, it seems like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together.”


That begs the question, “What can I do to unite communities and build a future?”


You can support Symphony of the Mountains as we…



* Our concerts build a shared experience that create common ground

* We include performers from throughout the Mountain Empire and beyond without restrictions of city, county, or state lines

* We contribute to a $29.5 million dollar arts community which creates jobs in a wide variety of industries

* Every season we expose over 4,000 students of all ages to live classical music at no cost to them

* We provide free music lessons to at-risk youth at the most critical age of their development

* We furnish two youth orchestras to include children of various levels of ability

* We strive to bring the highest quality entertainment at the most affordable price

* We are the only professional orchestra in the region

* We highlight the talent within our region while simultaneously performing with world famous musicians


Through the power of music,

Symphony of the Mountains is unifying communities and making our region a stronger, more vibrant  place to live, work, and play.

Please consider making a donation to Symphony of the Mountains.




Cornelia Laemmli Orth          Melissa L. Roberts

Music Director/COO               Interim Executive Director

Individual Sponsorships

Dedicated supporters of Symphony of the Mountains are the Foundation of our funding and one of our most valuable resources. Every individual gift, large or small, makes a difference by providing much needed financial support to keep our concerts affordable and our programs accessible to all people in our region so that they may experience the beauty, inspiration and knowledge of great music.

Earned income from ticket revenue and investments cover less than 40% of our costs. In order to survive and continue to grow, we need help from people like you.

Every individual gift, large or small, makes a difference

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorships are the Cornerstone of Symphony of the Mountains source of financial Support. Benefits include a wealth of opportunities to show your support of the region through our marketing and to entertain and reward clients and employees.

Symphony of the Mountains subscription audience is a sophisticated consumer group from the entire Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia region that ranks at the top of all demographic measures. Orchestra sponsors receive prominent recognition through valuable exposure to our subscribers and beyond and help the symphony continue with quality concerts and outreach programs.

Benefits include a wealth of opportunities to show your support of the region through our marketing

To develop an individual marketing plan for a Corporate Sponsorship, please contact our Executive Director at (423) 392-8423.